San Sebastián Restaurant Galerna Deep roots cuisine


It´s said to be a sudden and violent storm with strong gusts of wind from the west to the northwest, typical of the Cantabrian Sea and the Gulf of Bizkaia. This is our kitchen. Unexpected and daring. Seasonal and intuitive. But above all low pressure and full of references. Those who are in our history, that history that is already written and that our team resurrects. Don´t worry about the end, let yourself be carried away by the storm. The journey begins …

Rebeka Barainka & Jorge Asenjo
Tasting menu & menu spring/21
(without drinks, VAT included).

Menus change seasonally and are subject to market availability.

Menu Ameztu ezazu | Dream It


  • Artisan acorn and turmeric bread
    EVOO Galerna selection
  • Paella cracker with kiskillas
  • Pickled mussel croquette
    with smoked pickled anchovy
  • Asadillo Manchego talo
    with smoked txitxarro
  • Oyster with red berries aguachile
    smoked pork skin and pickles
  • Erreka: river cracker with cured and smoked trout
    pickled emulsion and tomato ice cream
  • Old cow steak tartare
    with stracciattela cheese
  • Tear peas
    sheep butter, euskal txerri jowl and txokitos
  • Green curry with sheep’s milk
    wild nettle and grilled sea nettle
  • Grilled white asparagus
    acorn horchata, sea urchin yolks and fennel
  • Zumaia octopus ragout
    Andean potato and Basque mojo
  • Fish from the market grilled
    with a broth of leeks and salicornias
  • Suckling lamb of Latxa sheep from Harrobialde farmhouse
    grilled with salad
  • Baserri: natural apple bombon stuffed with cider
    mamilla cream and walnuts
  • Milpa: pumpkin, corn and sweet mole
  • Petit Fours

Menu 2.0

  • Oysters Daniel Sorlut
  • Oysters Daniel Sorlut
    Grilled with charcoal
  • Oysters Daniel Sorlut
    With red berries aguachile
  • Mussel and anchovy croquette
    Of pickled mussel and smoked pickled anchovy
  • Erreka
    River cracker with cured and smoked trout, pickle emulsion and tomato ice cream
  • Talo, asadillo & txitxarro
    Euskadi and la mancha in one bite. asadillo manchego with smoked txitxarro
  • Violet potato, belly and anchovy
    Violet potato glass old cow belly and salted anchovy
  • Steak tartar
    25€ - Med 14€
    Old cow with stracciatella
  • Green curry
    12€ - Mid 7€
    with sheep's milk, mountain nettle and grilled sea nettle
  • Market fish
    24€ - Mid 16€
    grilled with a broth of leeks and salicornias
  • Tear peas, jowl and txokitos
    26€ - Mid 14€
    tear peas of the coast, sheep butter, euskal txerri jowl and txokitos
  • Asparagus, acorn and sea urchin
    14€ - Mid 8€
    Grilled white asparagus, acorn horchata, sea urchin yolks and fennel
  • Artichoke and crawl pickling
    23€ - Mid 14€
    grilled in its juice
  • Octopus ragout
    21€ - Mid 12€
    from Zumaia with Andean potato and mojo vasko
  • Grilled sucklin lamb
    24€ - Mid 14€
    Latxa sheep from the Harrobialde farmhouse with wild salad
  • Roasted suckling pig
    23€ - Mid 13€
    from Segovia
  • Txuleta gallega premium
    Grilled with charcoal / To accompany: Potatoes 9 | Piquillo peppers 14
  • Rice of the day
  • Local cheeseboard
    Selección de quesos de ElKano
  • Milpa
    Pumpkin, corn and sweet mole
  • Baserri
    Natural apple bonbon filled with cider, cream of mamilla and walnuts
  • Cocoa Truffles
    And Patxaran
  • Bread & chocolate
    Childhood vives
  • Sourdough bread, acorn and turmeric
    EVOO Galerna selection and butter


Guia Repsol

Since February 2020
¡galerna restaurant San Sebastián guía Michelin

The Plate

Guía Michelín

Bib Gourmand since 2017
The Plate since 2021

“Food sovereignty is the right of the people…”

… To nutritious and culturally adequate, accessible food, produced in a sustainable and ecological way, and their right to decide their own food and production system (…) It gives priority to local economies and empowers peasants and family farming, artisanal fishing and traditional grazing, and places food production, distribution and consumption on the basis of environmental, social and economic sustainability (…) Food sovereignty implies new free social relations.

The Nyéléni Declaration,
Selingue, Malí 2007
Kolon Pasealekua, 46, 20002 Donostia, Gipuzkoa
“We want to give prominence to local food, sometimes unknown and even gastronomically undervalued.”

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